Sample Submission for CytoSNP 850K and EPIC Arrays (human only)

For sample submissions for CytoSNP 850K array services by the CGI, please complete the submission inventory and questionnaire below. Complete project submission forms for CytoSNP must include the project quote, submission Inventory and questionnaire.  Templates for both are found here:

Genomic DNA Submission Form


NOTE:  EPIC array submissions only need to complete the genomic DNA submission form.

Instructions on how to complete each inventory are found at the top of the document. Please be sure to save the completed file as an Excel document.

CytoSNP 850K Assay Limitations:

Information provided on the sample questionnaire should be accurate and complete.  If you are submitting samples to us that have been previously analyzed and reported on, please note this in the questionnaire along with the report number.  Parental line information should also be clearly noted for all “children.”  All information noted in the analysis report will follow these guidelines:

The CytoSNP 850K array is able to detect clinically significant abnormalities as small as 10 kb (theoretical detection based on genes with the highest probe density; version 1.3 bead chip with hg38 build).  Accuracy of calls made/not made are highly dependent on the quality of the sample going into the assay as well as the lot performance of the arrays.  The Center for Genome Innovation reports all genomic abnormalities on a Research Use Only (RUO) basis and adheres to the following minimum reporting requirements across the genome:

Call Minimums:

Gains/Losses: 400Kb

LOH: 5Mb

If there are specific region/regions in your samples that you would like us to examine in more detail, we will make note of any findings with (*) if these abnormalities appear to be real but do not meet the minimum reporting requirements.

If you have not yet requested a quote for your project, please email Bo Reese.