CGI Sample Submission – Short Read Sequencing Applications

Please complete the online form below for all Colossal project sample submissions, including a completed excel worksheet inventory list (template link provided here):


In order to maintain and organize data and samples, please create a unique Project ID for each submission.  The project ID you create should be noted on all forms and on all boxes containing samples being sent.

NOTE:  The excel template form will track all samples in a master list.  Customers will be able to select services for each of the samples being submitted in separate tabs.

For customer extracted nucleic acid submissions, each DNA and/or RNA sample will be visually QC’d for integrity and concentration by the CGI prior to NGS library preparation.  If you have any QC data for the samples you are submitting, please include those files as .pdf forms as an attachment to the online submission form.

For prepared library submissions, each sample is required to have unique dual i7 and i5 barcode sequence listed (at least 8bp in length).  These sequences will be used to create the sequencing sample sheet.  Failure to include barcode sequences or errors in the barcode sequences will delay data delivery.  When submitting prepared libraries for NovaSeq sequencing, please note that we are currently running version 1.5 sequencing kits and i5 index sequences should be compatible with that index primer orientation.   For example, NovaSeq v1.5 chemistry i5 bases are also the same as those for Illumina MiniSeq, NextSeq and HiSeq 3000/4000.  Illumina MiSeq, HiSeq 2000/2500 and NovaSeq version 1 require a different i5 sequence (reverse complement).  If you are unsure about how to note your barcode sequences, please reach out to us.

Samples submitted to us should be sent in safe lock, low bind eppendorf tubes.  Tubes should be simply labeled and placed in a sample box.  Parafilm is not necessary unless samples volumes are low (below 20uL) or if samples are not on dry ice.  Dry ice shipment is required for total RNA samples.